Schedule of Services

You are welcome to participate in our daily life, teaching of faith, rites and services. The Holy Communion – Eucharist, and therefore, the Communion line –  is reserved only for those who are baptized and chrismated Orthodox Christians who have prepared to reveice the Holy Gifts. Non-orthodox visitors are welcome to participate in the worship in the presence of Triune God, for example, by lighting candles, kissing holy icons and the Honored and Life-Giving Cross.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Orthodox Church, please contact the parish office (address: Kirkkokatu 32) or one of our priests.

”Brothers and Sisters! The all-merciful God desires happiness for us both in this life and in the life to come. To this end He established His Holy Church, so that she might cleanse us from sin, sanctify us, reconcile us with Him and give us a heavenly blessing. The embrace of the Church is always open to us. Let us all hasten their more quickly, we whose consciences are burdened. Let us hasten, and the Church will lift the weight of our burdens, give us boldness before God, and fill our hearts with happinithwn scess and blessedness.” 
St Nectarius of Aegina, the Path to Happiness 1

City centre

St Nicholas Church of Joensuu
Address: Kirkkokatu 32

Every Saturday:Vigil 5pm
Every Sunday: Divine Liturgy 10am

Feasts with own schedules (see main page, schedule in Finnish)

Other Churches or Chapels (with own schedules)

City center:

Holy Cross Cemetery Chapel
Joensuu Orthodox Cemetery (Corner of Rauhankatu and Nurmeksentie)

Orthodox Seminary – St John the Theologian and Enlighters of Karelia Church
Address: Torikatu 41
The Orthodox Seminary is the institute of the the Orthodox Church of Finland. Services are open to the public.

During the Academic Year (Except the Feasts):
Mon–Fri 7.20am Matin
Wed 7.20am Divine liturgy
Mon–Thur 5pm Vesper
The Paschal Triduum (the Great and Holy Week) of the Orthodox Seminary is rich. See further (only in Finnish)

Northern District:
Lieksa: Prophet Elijah Church, Transfiguration of Christ Chapel
Viekijärvi: St Nicholas Chapel
Vuonisjärvi: Dormition of the Theotokos Chapel
Kontiolahti: Ascension of Christ Church
Eno: Transfiguration of Christ Chapel
Sikrenvaara (Summer camp): Holy Enlighteners of Karelia Chapel
Lontsinniemi: Icon of the Mother of God of Konevitsa Chapel (private)

Eastern District:
Hoilola: St Nicholas Church
Sonkajanranta: Prophet Hannah Church
Tuupovaara: Icon of Christ Not-Made-By-Hands
Heinävaara: Icon of Christ Not-Made-By-Hands
Saarivaara: Transfiguration of Christ Chapel
Kovero: St Herman of Alaska Chapel

Southern District:
Kitee: St Nectarios Church
Honkavaara: St John the Baptist Chapel
Valkeavaara: St George Victory-bearer Chapel
Petravaara: St Andreas Chapel

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